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Papworth Trust Fundraising

We have decided to take part in the Papworth Trust Accumulator Challenge (as you will probably see from an earlier news post).  Last week we took possession of the £50 and found out that the rules are effectively non-existent.  Basically we have to (legally) raise as much money as possible from our initial stake.

Initially we were extremely confident about this, until we found out we were up against legal firms with over 100 employees and professional fundraisers.

We then suddenly realised that it wouldn’t be as simple as running a straightforward quiz night, raising a few hundred pounds and claiming the victory.

In light of this, we will be calling on residents, suppliers, customers and “friends” of Saracens House to help.  We know that we are not going to win alone vs much bigger companies, but we do feel that we know enough people that can help us win.

Initially, we would like to hear from anyone who is willing to help – perhaps we can run mini-challenges, whereby we will fund each of 5 teams with £10 and see how far they can take it?

You can also donate online at

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Lets hope that the £50 they gave to us we can return in multiples.

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