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Company Credit Search

Have you ever wondered if you should give one of your customers credit?  How do you decide who is risky and who you can trust?  Saracens House are able to produce for you a comprehensive credit search on your customers.  We can also provide a broken down and simplified version which will allow you to quickly make a decision as to whether or not your customer is credit worthy.

Information you will receive includes:

  • Who are the Directors and how long have they been in business
  • What credit limit you should give them (according to one of the biggest credit search companies in the world)
  • How much money they had at the end of their last financial year
  • How much the company is worth (at their last accounts date)
  • What was the value of their assets
  • Who owns the shares of the company

The cost for this is £5 + VAT per search, although we sell these searches in blocks of 4 as a minimum order.  Please contact us for more information.

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