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Don’t have access to a printer? or maybe you are in need of a high quality print job…
Here at Saracens House Business Centre we offer a wide range of printing services which are designed to specifically suit your requirements.

Whether it’s printing professional booklets, colour and black/white printing or copying, Saracens House can manage this for you.

Our services include:

  • Small format printing
  • Copying
  • Binding
  • Scanning
  • Laminating

*Any printing, scanning/photocopying, binding – admin charge of £10 + VAT*

We can also run big print jobs i.e. catalogues and booklets although costs of these will depend on the quantity. *Please note, during busy business periods or large print jobs, we will need at least 3 hours notice. For an accurate time scale please give the office a call*

Printing/Copying Single Sided Double Sided
A4 black and white 5p + VAT 10p + VAT
A4 Colour 18p + VAT 36p + VAT
A3 black and white 10p + VAT 20p + VAT
A3 Colour 36p + VAT 72p + VAT

Booklets  Two Options

  • Stapled along main edge or top left corner
  • Folded and stapled

We are able to fold and centre staple booklets in and A5 and A4. For this to be affective we must have a minimum of 4 presented as a double sided booklet. We can also staple in A5, A4 or A3.

Priced individually e.g. 8 page A5 booklet black and white folded and stapled – 70p + VAT

Please call us on 01473 228860 for more information on this service.

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