Registered Office

What is a registered office?

A Registered Office is the address of a limited company that is used by Companies House and is required for businesses that have a physical presence in the UK.

Saracens House and Manor House are able to provide a Registered Office address for your limited company, whether it’s an existing business or newly formed.

The cost of this service is just £75.00 + VAT per year and includes:

  • Completion or assistance with completion of form AD01
  • Displaying your company name in a prominent position at our premises
  • Storage of your Company Register and other statutory documents
  • Receiving and holding any official company letters which are received


Saracens House can also provide a Directors Service address from just £25 + VAT per year (Directors Service Address: official mailing address that all company directors are lawfully expected to have)

If you would like to discuss how we can help you with this or any other service which we offer, please call us on 01473 228860