Telephone Answering

At Saracens House, we understand the importance of answering the phone in a timely manner. So, what happens if you’re in a meeting or with a client? We are able to answer all your calls for you to ensure you never miss a call again meaning you can carry on with your day of work without any disruption or loss of potential opportunities.

Setting up a telephone answering service at Saracens House will allow you to grow your business without worrying about missing any calls, providing you with more time, flexibility and a professional image for your business.

Unlike a call centre, we do not follow a script meaning we can be flexible with how you would like us to answer the phone. We cater to all our client’s needs with options of transferring to specific numbers or simply taking a message – and all callers are greeted by our friendly, professional and polite reception staff. This also means we filter out all nuisance, cold-calls and sales calls that would normally take up precious time in your day.

Telephone Answering Pricing

Est Monthly Call Volume less than 50 51-100 100-200 200+
Basic - Shared Number* £35 £50 £70 negotiable
Basic - Own Number £65 £80 £100 negotiable
+ Email every call £10 £15 £25 negotiable
+ SMS every call £15 £20 £30 negotiable

  • All prices shown are net of VAT
  • Basic service = Message taking, giving out standard information (as requested and decided by client – mobile number, e-mail address etc) and sending a daily summary of calls, by e-mail at the end of the working day.
  • The monthly call volume is an approximation – the costs will only increase if the estimated call volume is consistently or excessively exceeded.
  • There are no hidden costs – no additional cost per minute, no additional cost per SMS or e-mail, no additional cost per call, unless you excessively exceed your agreed estimated call volume.
  • Any other service you require, please call for a quote.
* A shared number will be answered using Saracens House, we will then gather all the relevant information that is required and the message will be passed straight across to you. Please call us on 01473 228860 for more information on this service.